Johnston Breaks All-Time British Training Record

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Johnston Breaks All-Time British Training Record

thunder snowWell, apart from Dubai World Cup’s hero Thunder Snow and Gold Cup winner there is one other name who is making headlines in the Horse Racing world. that name is none other than Johnston who has broken all-time British training record with his prolific performance. Mark Johnston has become the most prolific winning trainer in the history of British horse racing.

This man trained his first every winner around 31 years ago and, on this Thursday, he broke the record and made a historical run in the Horse Racing world. it was an amazing to sight to see the results of his immense hard work. Mark Johnston has earned more than 53 million pounds prize money.

Winx Record Breaking Win for The 33rdConsecutive Time

winx horseWell, we all are aware of Winx and the achievements of this Australian wonder horse. We have only seen the rise and rise of this horse and every time Winx starts the racing competition we all know what will happen. So, the remarkable career of this horse just got better when this seven year-old mare won the 33rdconsecutive race and also a third consecutive Queen Elizabeth stakes in the final race on Saturday as well.

This horse is known as the Usain Bolt of horse racing world and there is no doubt that this horse is one of the best in the history of the Horse Racing. Just to let you know this horse has won its owners more than $16 million in the recent years and it seems that the revenue is just on the rise.

Hugh Bowman was riding this horse and he won at the 2019 Queen Elizabeth Stakes. There were more than 50,00 people present to witness the amazing victory of Winx in Sydney Australia.

The fans and the trainer of WInx were really emotional to see Winx winning yet another race. This time the great horse started slowly but later on picked up the pace and the way Winx won the race everyone was amazed to see that and Chris Waller was very emotional and he was unable to describe this won of Winx because it was really unexpected and out of nowhere Winx produced this magnificent win.

Now the wonder mare of Australia is heading for retirement with a world record of 25 Group One victories. This record is simply amazing and everyone will definitely remember this amazing athlete. She even got a standing ovation from the crowd when she won her last race with so much grace and style. It was indeed an emotional moment both for the fans and for the trainer of Winx.

Cheltenham  Racing Festival – The Best In The Business

Cheltenham  Racing Festival – The Best In The Business

There is no doubt that the Cheltenham Horse Racing Festival is one of the best in the horse racing world.

The horse racing fans eagerly wait for the Cheltenham Horse Racing festival because it gives one of the best races of the year. The Cheltenham Festival is arguably the biggest week in the National Hunt horse racing and the prize money is around £4.5million.

Cheltenham Festival 2019 was very exciting and we got to see Willie Mullins finally winning the Gold Cup. This man has finished second six times in this prestigious tournament and finally, the most successful trainer of this event has won the title.

“I had probably resigned myself to the fact I would not win the Gold Cup,” said the 62-year-old Mullins, whose stables are at Closutton in County Carlow.

cheltenham festival 2019So, it was really admiring that the man who worked so hard over the years has finally won a Gold Cup. Just to let you know he is the All-Time trainer with 65 wins and he is the Cheltenham festival’s all-time leading trainer and he is even ahead of Nicky Henderson who has 64 wins under his belt.

Getting Started with The Cheltenham Gold Cup Betting Strategy

thunder snowThe Horse Racing betting world is so big and there are betters at every corner. So, you need to be smart and will have to pick your bets wisely to earn the profits. So, you will have to stick to a plan and a budget. If you don’t know how you will get out of the betting when you are losing money then there will be problems. So, make a plan and set your budget and analyze the profit and your mistakes so that you can increase your profit on a regular basis.

The anticipation game is everything in the betting world and if you can try to learn the algorithm of the bets that you are making then you certainly have the chance to win bets.

On the other hand, it is all about taking risks and coming up with risky bets every now and then. Because you cannot make big profits without any extra risk or an extra amount of money. You will have to spend some extra money but it would be nice to earn some profit first with small bets and then go big and make huge bets with huge profits which certainly involve big risks but you can start low so that you can learn the system of betting.

Cheltenham Betting Odds – What Really Matters

So, before getting started with the Cheltenham betting you should know about the trending betting methods and the methods ideal for you. Here we have listed some of the most favourite methods that you can try as well.

Win Bets: well, this bet is all about betting on a horse which you think will win the race and if that horse wins the race you will get a profit. To win this bet you should have knowledge of the horse and everything we have mentioned above.

Place Bets: A Place bet means you are going to bet on a particular horse to run 1st, 2ndor 3rd. But, the odds for finishing 2ndor 3rdwill be a fraction of the price for the win.

Trixie Bet: A three selection wager consisting of 4 bets: 3 doubles and treble is what Trixie Bet really is. If you don’t want to take any chances and you want to avoid risks then you can certainly go for this bet as the risk is minimum and the result is guaranteed.

So, this is it from the Horse Racing News, Betting Tips and strategies. If you have any question you can ask us in the comment section.

Horse Racing Betting Tips & Strategy – Here’s What You Need To Know

betting tips

Who doesn’t want to have the best betting tips in the horse racing world? We all know the horse racing world has a huge betting market and that’s why sometimes we do make the wrong choices as well. So, here is how you can make the most of your bets if you know the right methods and right tips to get you started. So, let’s start with the Horse Whisperer Racing Tips that will help you get started in the Horse Racing betting world.

Who is RIDING and TRAINING the horse?

When it comes to the betting world of Horse Racing there is more than the betting tips and planning. You need to know about the rider, the trainer and also about the ground as well. If you cover these things in the best way possible then there is a strong possibility that you will be able to generate some profits. Because this is where the real money is and if you don’t have sufficient knowledge about the horse, form of the horse, the trainer and the rider then you might get in trouble.

So, before starting the betting you should carefully analyze the rider, trainer and the horse. For example, Winx which has been a huge success all over the world in Horse Racing and if you are betting on Winx and you have knowledge about Chris Muller as well then there is a strong possibility that you will be able to hit the right spots.

Note: Always use caution when gambling online, young people and students, in particular, can often become problem gamblers

Horse Body Language

There are so many betters out there who neglect this point. They don’t even care about the form or the body language of the horse. But, secretly it plays a huge role in the development of the horse and it certainly has an effect eventually at the end of the race.

Early Speed Improvement – An Important Factor to Observe

Well, if you are betting on a horse who picks up the pace pretty quickly then there is a strong chance that you might get yourself going with the bets. Because a horse who starts well usually goes on to win the race.

An Official Race Card

The moment you arrive on the course pick up an official race card and with this you will be able to see the list of the runners in each of their races in their recent racing history.

Note: if I have to give an ideal criterion of winning a bet then it would be knowing the trainer, the rider and the horse. After that you should pick your bets.

Now let’s start with the Cheltenham cup betting tips. This is one tournament that is widely famous and in this tournament the betting world is heavily involved. So, you can try your luck in this tournament for a great result. But, hang on you should know about the right bets as well before getting started. So, here is what you should know about the Cheltenham Horse Racing betting tips.

What You Should Really Know?

If you are thinking that you need huge knowledge and experience before getting started then you are totally wrong. There is no such thing and all you have to do is get your facts right and chose the right bets as per the tournament. As mentioned above you should know about the horse, the rider and the trainer. After this, you should come to the learning of the tournament and the type of methods which will be handy for you and for your budget.